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Family Meeting

STEM building family meeting re: location move @ Tue Jan 16, 2024 5pm - 6pm

Akron STEM HS Holiday Classic

STEM HS once again hosts their annual invitational robotics tournament, testing our world class robotics team against the top robotics students in northeast Ohio!

Brown and Orange Spirit Week

Show your love for the Cleveland Browns and a commitment to attendance by joining in on the fun as we head into playoffs and a new year!

Chinese learners go to Akron Art Museum

Coaches Chen and Hsu took their Mandarin language classes to the Akron Art Museum for the Culture Revolution: Contemporary Chinese Paintings from the Allen Memorial Art Museum exhibit.

Seniors Shine: Pitching Success with APS Feedback

In a dynamic practice pitch session at Shecalf's STEM school, seniors took center stage as they presented their projects to a diverse panel consisting of APS employees, community partners, and alumni. 

Cross-Grade Collaboration: 9th Graders Hone Skills, Offer Valuable Feedback to Seniors

In a collaborative and innovative initiative at Akron's STEM high school, 9th-grade students honed their feedback skills through a gallery walk under the guidance of Coach Graber. The focus was on practicing crucial skills that they later applied in providing valuable feedback to their senior counterparts in the 12th grade. This unique inter-grade cooperation not only showcased the dynamic learning environment fostered at the school but also emphasized the practical application of skills acquired, fostering a sense of mentorship and shared growth among students of different levels.

Inside the Hack: STEM High's Hands-On Learning

🔒 Coach Jeff Caranna's cybersecurity class goes beyond textbooks! 🚀 Students simulate real-world cyberattacks, creating malware, and presenting to community partners. 🌐 Innovative, hands-on learning that builds technical skills, critical thinking, and ethics. 🍩

photo of Coach Metcalf

Bill Metcalf, a standout educator at a lottery-based STEM school, exemplifies teaching excellence by creating an inclusive environment that nurtures the whole child and promotes mastery of learning. Through innovative approaches, such as the "Sports Physics" lab, where students explore physics principles through sports movements, Bill engages learners of various math and science levels. His commitment to meaningful celebrations and fostering a growth mindset sets him apart, emphasizing that a successful educational journey is about embracing the joy of learning and providing students with opportunities to showcase their knowledge through projects and creative demonstrations.

STEM HS Yearbook, 2022/2023

The FIRST STEM HS digital yearbook is here! To view it on any device, click HERE.

Do you want to print your OWN hard copy of the yearbook? Click HERE to download a PDF version. You can use a variety of online services, like Presto Photo, to customize and order your own copy!